DJ mixy – generácia Dva

Staré dnb sety hrané už z vinylov (prevažne). Info zmigrované z predchádzajúcej verzie stránok s pôvodnými popismi.

Záznamy sú staré (<=2009), pretože z nejakého dôvodu sa mi s príchodom digitálnej éry prestalo chcieť hrať. Ale je možné, že to bolo o niečím iným…

  • Wednesday morning harmony (November 2007) [dnb]
    First one ever recorded and published. No other special meaning.

  • Elements in my head (February 2008) [dnb]
    In-Love-Liness <3 Too much elements of ONE person constantly on my mind.

  • Blue eyes again (August 2008) [dnb]
    Feeling the loveliness of summer, but I had to add dose of sickness, so it isn’t too sweet. Smooth “blue-eyed” memories like “Weak moments” and “Black water” interleaved by minimal dnb pieces.

  • Untouched ones (October 2008) [dnb]
    The other sides or even whole plates, which I don’t play frequently or at all.

  • Empty year (February 2009) [dubstep]
    It had to be done! I have neglected dubstep for a whole year. Meant as a birthday gift, so the first half had to be lovely.

  • Slow process (April 2009) [dnb]
    Slow process of transforming dnb into dubstep. Checkout of few fresh vinyls has turned into whole mix.

  • Trance organiser (April 2009) [trance]
    Just some weird urge to remind the old times. Flash of inspiration during organisation of my trance mp3 collection.

  • Angry or sad (September 2009) [dnb]
    There’s weird feeling, am I angry or sad? In fact, it doesn’t matter, it’s time to move on!